Integrated proposals and solutions for the satisfaction of your demands from contemporary constructions

Our company disposes technical staff that is fully qualified in contemporary design and materials used in both Greek and European market. We achieve that through constant education and information of our staff on the current trends in the construction domain.

Being sensible on matters of sustainability, we use environmentally friendly materials that save energy and enhance the maintenance of the building.

Real Estate Evaluation

We evaluate the potential of the real estate that is to be exploited, based on the environmental data (land use etc.) and your personal needs, after personalized discussions


Ιnvestment Programs

Our company undertakes the creation of a technical study for the participation of your company in investment programs:

  • Drafts – Architectural study
  • Technical description of tasks carried out
  • Project budget

Building Authorization Issue

The drafting of a complete design and the issue of the building authorization (Based on the needs and the aesthetics of the client, we write down his wills/demands and propose the most functional solutions according to the city planning provisions. ​

Application Design

The Company undertakes the drafting of application design. The company consisting of experienced, fully compiled and specialized partners undertakes the application design of technical projects which includes:

  • Technical description of the works
  • Auctioning issues
  • Budget – Construction cost of the project

Anti-Seismic Adequacy Control

The Company is responsible for the anti-seismic and static adequacy validation and design for the reinforcement of the bearing structure, in case a problem occurs. The anti-seismic armoring in Greece has become obligatory, since 1959, and so far there have been many updates and improvements to the anti-seismic regulation of our country. More specifically:

  • 1959: The anti-seismic regulation is implemented for the first time
  • 1985: Old anti-seismic regulation
  • 12000: New anti-seismic regulation
  • 2003: New anti-seismic regulation
  • 2011: E.C. 8 (Eurocode 8)
Taking into consideration that Greece is one of the most seismic countries in Europe, the anti-seismic armoring of the structures becomes necessary. Our company takes on the anti-seismic adequacy control and the design and construction of a reinforcement part for the bearing structure, in case of a problem. Furthermore, since static adequacy validation is required (in case of structural capacity issues, design for the reinforcement of the metal roof is also necessary) before the installation of PV panels on the roof of metal buildings, our company not only is responsible for the static adequacy control, but also for the realization of the structural reinforcement.